Haluu dear visitor :)

My Name is Thomas, a photographer living with my small family in suburban Copenhagen.

When describing me photographically there is no way to move around the impact of the start contrast between a Suburban Danish upbringing with frequent travels and the 10-year adventure living in Greenland that followed, exploring and travelling most of the massive Island in both summer and winter.

What started out as a maybe two-year adventure in Greenland, ended up being a 10 year one, touching my soul deeply and forever change both my view of life and photography.
Greenland is a study in stark contrasts and conflicting impressions - Rough, desolate and remote, yet fragile and delicate. Traits inherent not only to its nature, but also to the people to whom Greenland is home.

I have photographed in Greenland for 10 years, both professionally and on personal projects. Reviewing 10 years of Greenlandic photography have made me realise I have only scratched the surface of the place visually.

It has been a 10-year journey maturing and defining me as a photographer, I may no longer live in Greenland, but Greenland and my experiences there will forever live in me and my approach to photography.

My portfolio will seem conflicting and at edge with itself, Stark contrasts within an image or between colour and monochrome images, combined with soft colours and gentle tonal graduations.

My photography is my exploration of these conflicts, both within me, my experiences and in the world as I see it.


Photographic approach:

I work with a variety of photographic techniques and frequently blend both digital and classic analogue processes.

The choice of medium and method is determined by the project or assignment I am working on. Whether working a landscape composition, a commercial shoot, a travel story, a delicate portrait or shooting a plane in flight from the skid of a helicopter, there is a right tool for the job, a tool dictated by desired output.

Initial capture in camera, over development, to final print or digital delivery to customer need to be a tailored and deliberate process.

Whether working on a personal project or with a customer and Art Director, the process will be optimized to the task at hand and output requirement.


Buying Prints:

Selling prints of my portfolio images is a privilege, but also a surprising complex task.
We all look at images on screens of different brightness, contrast, saturation and hue, I print from a fully calibrated environment, to ensure a consistent print quality.
How what is seen on a computer screen translate to a professionally framed image on a wall in a room, is not as easy as it may seem, but I will do my best to assist you in the process.

Prints, from choice of paper, over print size, to the choice of framing is a very complex choice and need to be made with care and a focus on not only the image, but also the wall, room and context it will displayed in.

A few standard sized items will when the page has been fully updated be in the sales menu in each gallery, but for the optimal result, please do consult me via email or phone.

I am here to assist you in choosing the most pleasing image, paper, size and framing option.
You will not see logos or watermarks in my prints, my prints will be signed and dated on the back, but the face of the print is all about the image.

Thank you for visiting.